5 Cool Facts About Fire Extinguishers

You may walk by fire extinguishers on the wall without giving them a second thought. You probably know how to use one in case of emergency, but that's about where your knowledge ends -- if you're like most people. After you read this article, you'll be in a whole other league! Here are five cool facts about fire extinguishers. 1. Fire Extinguishers Were Invented in the 1700s. Fire extinguishers are not nearly as new as you might think. [Read More]

4 Ways To Improve The Value Of Your Business Before Selling It

If you're going to business brokers in pursuit of selling your business, you want to capture as much profit as possible. That often means improving the way that your business looks on paper, from the profits to the expenses. There are some things that can potentially undervalue your business that you'll want to address, in addition to valuable improvements you should make. Here are some of the major issues you should be looking out for. [Read More]

Starting A Food Truck

Your desire to start and operate your own food truck may be rooted in expanding your existing restaurant or offering your food to the world for the first time. However, there is more to a food truck than delicious food; you'll need the concession tips below to ensure your success. Investigate Permits Among the first things you'll need to do is to seek the right permit applications from your local municipal government. [Read More]

3 Tips For Storing Belongings While Traveling Long-Term

Maybe you are fulfilling your dream of a year-long, around-the-world adventure. Or perhaps you are touring with your band, or exploring the country by RV for an extended period. Whatever the reason you are traveling long-term, you've made the wise decision to store your belongings while you are away; this means all of your stuff will be secure and ready for you when you get home, and you don't have to worry about asking friends or family to stash your things for you. [Read More]