Someone You Know In Jail? Get Them Out By Paying Their Bail

If you have a friend that has been arrested and they can't pay bail to get out, you can do this for them. This is done by hiring a bondsman to get everything set up and get a portion of the bail paid. Below are some different types of bonds you will find and how this works. 

Types of Bail Bonds

The court will set the amount of the bond during the pre-trial in most cases. You can find this information at the clerk's office or if your friend has an attorney, they can tell you what the bond is. The bond may be a few thousand or hundreds of thousands of dollars. To help you with this you will hire a bail bondsman to pay the bond for you so your friend can get out of jail. 

When it comes to bail bonds, there are cash bonds, which is where you pay the court the entire bail amount. You will then get this money back if your friend appears at court on the posted day and time. If they do not show up, you would lose all this money. To get your money back, you need to see the Court Clerk at the courthouse after the case has been concluded. 

You can also hire a bonding company to help you with the bond. A bail bondsman will help you and take a percentage of the bond and will likely also charge you a bonding fee. You will not get any of the fee refunded to you. 

There are also property bonds that can be used if you do not have the cash to give for a bond. This is using land that you own as collateral for the bond. You do need to be careful with this as you could lose the land if the person does not show up in court on the appointed day. If you choose this, a deed of trust must be prepared, and a lien is placed on your property. The amount of your property must be enough to cover the amount the court has set for the bond. The bail bondsman can do all this for you. 

Besides your friend getting out of jail sooner, there are other benefits of using a bond. Your friend will be able to attend to their personal affairs while they are out of jail, they can go back to work, and this gives them more time to prepare for trial.

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