What Criminal Prosecutors Should Seek Out In Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Experts

If you work criminal cases on the prosecuting side as an attorney, you may eventually need to bring in a bloodstain pattern analysis expert to testify. They can use science and factual evidence to put pieces of a crime scene back together. Just make sure you look for these qualities in one of these experts before hiring them to assist with your case.

Practical Reconstructive Experience

When you bring in a bloodstain pattern analysis expert to give a testimony for a crime that you're prosecuting someone for, you want their accounts and explanations to be credible. Then you'll have an easier time putting together a case that ultimately gives you a desirable legal outcome.

Along these lines, look for a bloodstain pattern analysis expert with many years of practical reconstructive experience. They should have worked on many crime scenes in the past and proven their reconstructive tactics are bullet-proof. 

Published Works

Another factor that plays into the credibility of a bloodstain pattern analysis expert is whether or not they have published works on bloodstain pattern analysis. If they do, then this can work in your favor because these works give weight to their services and overall opinions on what happened in the crime that you're now prosecuting.

The published works might be research papers, technical articles, or detailed reports on government websites. The more published works a bloodstain pattern analysis expert has, the more credible they'll appear in court and that can pay dividends in reaching the right verdict at the end of the trial.

Open Availability 

Some criminal cases can go on for months depending on the severity and amount of evidence involved. If you foresee your criminal case lasting for this long, make sure you find a bloodstain pattern analysis expert who has an open schedule.

They can then show up to court on time each day until the trial concludes. You can thus put all of your faith into this expert to help you get justice for family members affected by the crime that you're prosecuting. Availability is something you can easily check too prior to making your expert selection.

If you have a murder case that you're currently trying to prosecute, you may need to bring in bloodstain pattern analysis services. As long as you verify some key credentials, you can trust this professional will put together an accurate picture of what actually happened in your case.