Mitigating Elevated Radon Levels In Your Home

Elevated radon levels in your home can be a potentially dangerous problem for those occupying the structure. While this is a significant health risk, it is possible to protect yourself and your family by installing a mitigation system that will be able to effectively reduce the radon levels to a safe level.

What Are The Warning Signs That The Radon Levels In A Home Are Excessively High?

Unfortunately, there may be no warning signs that the radon levels in your home are elevated. This is due to the fact that radon has no color and it does not have a scent. Due to these attributes, the only way to determine whether the radon levels are too high is to conduct a comprehensive test. These tests will involve positioning radon measuring devices in various areas of the home and leaving them for up to several days. This is necessary to gain an accurate understanding of the radon levels throughout the home as there can be some variation in these levels.

How Can The Levels Of Radon In A Home Be Mitigated?

If the levels of radon in your home are elevated, you will need to invest the resources into mitigating these levels. Some homeowners may assume that this will only involve sealing the cracks and openings in the house, but this is seldom sufficient. Rather, a pressurization system will be needed to redirect the radon that is seeping into the home through the foundation and basement. In most cases, this will involve the installation of a powerful fan that can create a strong enough pressure to pull the radon into tubes that exit the home.

Will A Radon Mitigation System Make A Lot Of Noise Inside The Home?

Due to the need for a radon mitigation system to have a powerful fan blowing, individuals may assume that this will lead to these systems creating significant disruptions for those in the house. In reality, it is possible to mitigate these noises by installing a noise suppression system around the fan. Often, this will involve padding that can absorb the noises that the fan is creating before they are able to make it into the interior of the home. Furthermore, there are fans that are specifically designed to be as silent as possible, and while they may cost more than traditional fans, they can reduce the quality of life impacts of this system while still providing effective radon mitigation results.

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