Industrial Company Always Dusty? Use A Dust Collector With A Filter

If you have an industrial company that gets dusty all the time, you can use a dust collector to take care of the dust. When purchasing the dust collector, you will also have to choose a filter for it. It is important that you get rid of the dust as it can get inside equipment and cause damage. Having a lot of dust flying in the air can cause upper respiratory issues, especially for people that have allergies. Keep reading to learn about dust collectors and filters.

Choosing A Dust Collector

There are many types of dust collectors on the market to choose from. One type that you should consider is a fabric filter dust collector. This type has a filter that captures fine dust particles that are in the air. Fine dust particles are the most dangerous type as people can easily breathe these particles in and the dust will then get into their lungs. 

A fabric dust collector is less expensive and does the best job of getting rid of the dust. The dusty air inside your company is drawn into a bag and then the filter removes the dust particles so only clean air comes out of the bag. 

One thing to consider is the size of the dust collector. You will find small ones as well as much larger ones. If your industrial company is small and you do not have a lot of floor space, then a smaller size would be best. There are also medium sizes which go well if you have more room on your floor to put the dust collector. Larger ones take up a lot of space, but they do best to remove dust in large areas. 

Choosing a Filter

When it comes to the filter, purchase one that is high quality. Make sure you purchase the right size that will fit the dust collector that you purchase. Ask the manufacturer if they can give you the efficiency rating of the filter so you can know the quality of it.

Know the temperature range the filter can handle to ensure it will work well in your environment. This is important if it gets hot inside your company. If the filter cannot handle the temperature, it will get very hot and may catch on fire, which could result in your business catching on fire. You may need a higher temperature range if the dust collector sits close to a lot of equipment that runs hot. 

Make sure you know how to install the type of dust collector filter you purchase. This will make things go much easier for you when it is time to change the filter in the future. 

The salesperson can help you choose the best dust collector and filter. They may recommend options like 5882202 filters.