Three Places a Chakras Wall Tapestry Enhances Your Yoga Studio

Whether you own a yoga studio that you utilize just for yourself and your family, or if you provide yoga classes to those in your community, the atmosphere this area projects makes a big difference in how you perform. Many people involved in the art of yoga know about chakras or the main energy centers in the body. Providing those in the yoga studio with information about chakras allows them to refocus their energy properly while performing the sport.

Here are possible areas to add a chakras wall tapestry for aesthetics and education.

Directly in Front of the Yoga Classroom 

If you teach yoga, your students most likely look toward you to learn how to perform moves properly throughout their session. Adding a chakras wall tapestry directly behind you, or slightly to the side of your usual standing place, allows students to gaze at the information provided while they exercise. In addition to purchasing a chakras tapestry with information about each energy point in the body, consider buying a few artistic chakras tapestries to enhance the overall decor of your room. If your studio is primarily used by yourself or family members, attach tapestries in bare wall areas to give the room a burst of color and inspiration.

On the Door to the Studio

If you want students or yourself to focus on yoga moves without any distraction whatsoever, opt for artwork chakras tapestries rather than those with wording upon them. Save informational tapestries for your door. This provides all who use the studio with a suggested mindset before they enter. They have the chance to read over the information so they can focus on blocking the chakras in the body when they get inside. This ensures a flawless performance, helping to boost the overall energy level so exercising is continuous. It also gives yoga participants the chance for relaxation.

Draped Upon a Resting Place

Add a tapestry to the back of a couch or chair in your studio to give the room a feeling of professionalism and inspiration. Drape the tapestry so the wording is noticeable, giving those in the room the encouragement to read over the projected message as they relax before taking the floor for their yoga session. In cooler weather, those wanting to warm up a bit before exercising have the tapestry to use as a covering. If you use the studio for your own purposes, this added feature gives you the perfect excuse for curling up and resting after your yoga session is completed.

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