How To Help Prevent Arthritic Hand Pain For Employees In Your Business

As a business owner, making sure that your employees are comfortable on the job is always a must. Unfortunately, some pains can come from the overuse of certain bodily motor functions like arthritic hand pain that can come from repeated hand actions on the job. Typists, factory workers, and even cake decorators can develop arthritis in their hands and fingers if they put a lot of stress on the hands while they work, which is practically unavoidable. Nevertheless, you can do what you can as a business owner to help people prevent arthritic hand pain on the job. Here are a few tips. 

Encourage hand stretching on a regular basis. 

If the people within your business are performing tasks that require fine motor skills with their hands, make sure you are encouraging them to do frequent hand and finger stretching while they work. Stretching the hands and fingers can help keep tendons and joints looser and more freely moving, which can thwart problems with inflammation in these areas. These stretching exercises are simple enough to encourage in the modern-day business. For example, you could send out a company-wide notification periodically to all workers to remind them to stop and stretch their hands and fingers. 

Talk about arthritis hand-pain treatment options. 

If there are already people in your company that struggle daily with arthritic hand pain while they work, it is always a good idea to recognize that people are struggling with these issues and help them out. For instance, you could remind people if there is an arthritis hand treatment center in the area where they can seek treatment from a professional if they are having severe issues. You could offer tips for people as well. For example, soaking the hands in warm water at the beginning of the day may help thwart some of the pain. 

Provide ergonomic equipment when possible for your workforce. 

Ergonomic equipment is a healthy investment for your workforce, and these items are more accessible and affordable now than ever. Something like an ergonomic keyboard for those who type a lot or an ergonomic mouse for those who are always on computers at work can make a drastic difference in problems with arthritic hand pain. If there are tasks that involve repetitive use of the hands and fingers, you could even supply things like wrist or thumb support wraps for your employees to provide some relief.