3 Good Reasons To Convert Your Sign Lights From Fluorescent To LED

There is something so spectacular about what a lighted exterior sign can do for a place of business. Lighting your sign gives more visibility, curb appeal is easier to see in bad weather, and it can even change the entire personality of the sign itself. However, if you have fluorescent bulbs powering your sign, it may be time to consider investing in a sign light retrofitting kit to convert to LED bulbs instead. The fact is, LED bulbs have a lot to offer and are well worth the change, even though it can take a little doing. Here is a look at some of the good reasons to convert sign lights from fluorescent to LED bulbs:

Reduce the expense of buying replacement bulbs all the time. 

LED bulbs are well-known in the lighting industry as the bulb that can last the longest. These bulbs do not use as much energy, which means the internal components are not under the same amount of pressure from high voltage or high heat; therefore, they have the ability to keep on shining long after other bulbs quit working. When you have a sign that relies on multiple bulbs to stay illuminated, the expense of buying replacement bulbs can get pretty hefty, so switching to longer-burning LEDs makes good financial sense. 

Reduce the number of necessary maintenance visits. 

LED lights don't just last longer, they require less maintenance over time. They are less likely to break because fluorescent bulbs are incredibly fragile, which also means they will not have to be replaced as often. Additionally, you will not have to bring someone in with a bucket truck or a professional with a ladder on such a frequent basis. This may be required every time you need bulbs changed, but with LEDs the need to call someone for help will not be as often. 

Reduce the impact your sign has on the environment. 

If you have a company or place of business that does everything possible to be kind to the environment, the lights that you use in your signage should stay in step with those goals. LED light bulbs are considered a more environmentally friendly option for a few reasons. For one, these bulbs are more energy efficient, which means you will not be consuming as much energy to keep the sign lit up. Secondly, the fact that you will not be tossing as many bulbs in the trash will mean less waste coming from your place of business.

For more information about sign light retrofitting, you can contact companies like Cardinal Sign Corporation.