Four Questions To Ask Your Table Rental Service

If you are hosting a wedding or other large party, you are probably going to need to rent tables. Occasionally, the venue will take care of the rental for you, but in most cases, you will be on your own to find a table rental company you like and enter into a contract with them. To make sure this process goes off without a hitch, here are four questions to ask when you hire a table rental company.

Can you see the tables before renting them?

Not all 12-foot circular tables are the same. Some may be less attractive or beginning to wear out, while others are fresh and new. Ask the company to let you see a sample of the tables you are renting before you agree to rent them. This way, there won't be any big surprises on the day of the event.

Will the rental company set up the tables?

Some rental companies will bring staff members to set up the tables. Others will drop the tables off and leave you to set them up. Either approach is fine, but make sure you know which one you are dealing with before the big day arrives. If the table rental company does not offer setup services, the venue might be able to set up the tables for you, sometimes for an extra charge.

When is payment due?

Most companies require a down payment up front to reserve the tables and a final payment towards the balance after the tables are delivered. However, there are some companies that require payment up-front, especially if you are only renting a few tables. Check on this policy before you agree to rent from a company.

When will the tables be picked up?

Your venue may have a time by which you need to have everything cleaned up and out of their space. And your table rental company may have a certain schedule as to when they pick up tables after a party. Make sure these two policies coordinate. You may want to put the venue and table rental company in touch with one another so they can coordinate directly.

If you ask the four questions above, you will get a better sense of what's involved when renting from banquet table rental services. If you are still looking for a rental company in your area, try asking your venue if they have any recommendations.