A Thermographic Test Finds Problems You Can't See

If you want to cut energy costs and find hidden electrical problems in your building, then you should consider thermographic testing. This test can pinpoint problems you don't even know exist. This gives you the opportunity to fix them before a major incident occurs. Here are some ways thermographic testing can help your building and employees be safer.

Hot Spots In Electrical Systems Are Detected 

A thermographic test picks up light frequencies that can't be seen by the human eye. A special scanning camera is used for this test that creates pictures based on temperature. This provides helpful information when it comes to locating hot and cold spots in an electrical system. Hot spots show up in the red end of the light spectrum while cool areas are blue. A scan of an electrical panel will detect a breaker that is hotter than the others. This allows the inspector to find electrical problems, so you can have them repaired before a fire or another problem develops.

All components of the electrical system in your building and your equipment can be checked in the same way. You can use this data to prioritize the maintenance that needs to be done. This allows you to stay ahead of problems by making electrical repairs before equipment breaks down.

Leaks In The Building Are Found

A thermographic test can be used on the structure of your building to find areas where insulation should be added. The test can be performed from a distance by using a drone, so your entire roof can be scanned for energy loss too. By finding where heat escapes around a door or through the roof, your maintenance crew can make the necessary repairs to reduce energy loss in your building. This will reduce your power bill and overall operating costs.

Water Leaks Are Detected

A thermographic test is useful for finding hidden water leaks. The test involves using the scanner over the surface of the area being tested, so it is non-invasive. The test picks up on water leaks behind walls, under floors, and on the roof. The area affected by the water leak will be cooler or warmer than the surrounding area, and the color difference will show on the scan. You'll find leaks you didn't know about, and the scan shows where the water spread out so you'll know what parts of the building may have water damage. Finding leaks could save money on future water damage repairs and also save on your water bill.

A thermographic test provides valuable information about your building inside and out. You have no other way to know this important information since your eyes are unable to detect the subtle differences in temperature that indicate problems going on behind walls or in enclosed electrical equipment. The information you receive allows your maintenance crew to work on areas that need it most to keep your operations and building in good shape.