Tips To Help You Get A New Lawn Growing In Your Yard

A lush, green lawn installed in your front and back yard provides a beautiful surface that helps keep your yard and home cooler in the summer. When your yard lacks a lawn, it can be difficult to get a lawn growing and established upon a hot and dry dirt surface. Here are some tips to help you successfully plant and grow a new lawn in your yard.

Soil Preparation

One of the biggest tasks of preparing your soil for seeds is removing any weeds and other vegetation from the area and leveling the soil. Using a Bobcat or other type of mini excavation equipment makes the job easier and quicker and saves your back from pain and muscle soreness. You can rent a mini excavator from a local equipment and tool rental business, such as Wirtz Rentals CO, to easily perform the preparation of the soil. Running the Bobcat is fairly easy and you can probably master it no time.

Most equipment rental businesses will also have several Bobcat attachments, such as graders or soil conditioners, to help you grade and remove weed growth from the soil and till the soil. It is important to create a surface that is not smooth and flat but instead rough and loose to hold the lawn seeds more easily on the surface.

You can also use the Bobcat's grader to scrape off the top layer of soil to remove weed growth and any ungerminated seeds to prevent future weed growth. When you start a lawn from seeds, it can be a constant battle to get rid of weeds, so the more you can fight the weeds before you begin watering, the better off you will be.

Erosion Control

Once you have spread the lawn seeds and mixed them into the soil with a landscape rake, apply a layer of peat moss to keep the seeds in place and to retain moisture. Because you will need to keep your lawn seeds wet to help them germinate, it will be necessary to water the area several times each day (more if the weather is hot and dry). The peat moss helps out with preventing seeds from washing away from sprinklers.

As an added recommendation it is a good idea to install downspout extenders to divert any roof runoff away from your newly-planted seeds. Excessive water, such as from rain runoff, will cause your lawn seeds to wash away.