Things To Do If The Dishwasher Isn't Draining Wastewater

A dishwasher makes your life easier because it handles one of the primary household chores. Thus, it will be an inconvenience if it malfunctions.

One of the issues you may face is draining problems. If the appliance fails to drain water properly, it can cause leaks, water accumulation at the bottom part of the dishwasher, or damage the motor and other components.

Steps to Take if the Appliance Drain Is Not Draining

Once you realize the unit isn't draining, you should act fast before it causes other plumbing problems. You can troubleshoot before you call a residential plumber. 

Here are tips to help you navigate the troubleshooting process.

Examine the Sump

If something is blocking the sump, it can be difficult for the dishwasher to drain efficiently. So check the sump to ensure there is no debris. 

You can find the sump at the back of the appliance or in the tub. If it's blocked, you will notice some standing water. Try to remove the debris from the sump to see if that will fix the draining problem.

Check the Filter

A filter is in the tub and may surround the appliance's lower spray arm base. Check if it's blocked, and remove the fragments to allow the water to drain. If this doesn't fix the issue, you may continue with the troubleshooting process.

Assess the Drain Hose

If the drain hose is bent, water from the dishwasher may not drain properly. So, check the pipe to determine if it has any kinks and straighten it. The bends may be causing the drainage problem.

Likewise, clogging problems in the drain hose may also cause drainage issues.

Check the Door

Sometimes, the dishwasher may fail to drain because the door isn't closing correctly. Assess the door to verify if it can lock completely. If there is an issue with the locking mechanism or latch, you will need a residential plumber to fix it.

Examine the Drain Valve

If your dishwasher has a drain valve, check its condition. This valve enables the appliance to drain water during the washing cycle. If the valve is faulty, it may be difficult for the dishwasher to drain water.

Once you troubleshoot, it will be easier to determine the cause of the dishwasher drainage problems. Contact a local residential plumbing service to fix the problem. They have the right skills and equipment for the task. Trying to DIY can damage the drainage system or the appliance, resulting in costly repairs or replacement.