A Guide To Buying Bail Bonds

People get arrested every day for various reasons. As if getting arrested wasn't frightening enough, not knowing how or when you will get out of jail after your initial arrest can be far scarier. When you know more about bail bonds, you will be able to secure your release and move forward with the legal situation. In this article, you will learn more about what bail bonds are, how they are advantageous, and what you should know when you are shopping for them.

What exactly are bail bonds, and how are they useful?

A bail bond allows you to put money behind your intention to show up to your court date. The magistrate sets a bail amount following your arrest, and the bond secures this money so that you can be granted your release contingent upon a set of terms. A bail bond agent conducts this transaction for you and will act as a go-between. Bail bond agents have licenses and certifications that allow them to act on your behalf in this manner.

There are several different types of bail bonds that you might seek in order to make this transaction go through. These bail bond examples include cash bonds, surety bonds, federal bail bonds, and property bonds. Depending on the kind of bond that you purchase, you will need to put up cash or property. It will also involve having your lawyer and witnesses explain to the judge that you are not a flight risk and that you intend to show up to court. The amount that is set will be higher depending on the nature of the charges and the potential likelihood of you not honoring the bond.

How can you go about getting bail bonds?

As you can tell, purchasing bail bonds is an essential part of getting your release and protecting your peace of mind. Having to stay behind bars while awaiting trial can take a serious toll on your life. Use this need so that you can get intentional about finding a professional bail bond agent that is qualified to help you out. They are bound by state law and will charge you in accordance with the rates outlined by your state. It is typical to pay the agent about 10% of the amount of your bail bond. The bond agent will require you to pay a percentage, and then will pay the rest of the amount to the courts on your behalf.

Start with these tips so that you can shop for bail bonds today. Contact a bail bond company like Abel Bail Bonds to learn more.