How To Pick The Right Paper Or Cardboard Cores For Your Business

Paper cores are cores made up of layers of paper (or cardboard) that are meant to make up the structure of a rolled product, such as paper towels, spools of yarn, fabric, or anything else you can think of. These paper cores can be an invaluable resource for any business looking to structure their product effectively, given the right care into choosing the right cores and the right supplier.

The Cores You Need

The most important element of choosing the right paper/cardboard cores is to understand what you need from the cores. Firstly, you should know that paper cores are similar to paper tubes, but rather than being a tool to pack long materials, they instead add structural support to a tube or roll of product, easing transportation from your business, the road, and to a customer's home. Paper tubes are meant to provide external support, while paper cores provide internal support. Secondly, the core you choose needs to have the right length and strength for the product you supply.

Length is probably one of the simpler aspects of your cardboard or paper core needs. As long as you know the width of your material, you can estimate the length of the cores you need. The needed strength may be more difficult to estimate. Not only do you need to know how much of your product will cover each core, but you need to estimate the weight of the material as well. For example, rolls of fabric or heavy T-shirt yarn will most likely require stronger cardboard cores, while paper towels and other light materials may only need paper cores. You can also choose notched or slotted cores, if necessary, or even cosmetic cores.

The Supplier

Just as important as the core itself is the manufacturer or supplier of the cores. It's important to choose a supplier with quality products and satisfactory customer service, as you'll be relying on their product to serve your business. Much of the same advice that applies to finding any supplier applies here. You should have a supplier that fits your requirements in terms of the cores themselves and the quantity you need at a reasonable price. Additionally, a core supplier should be able to help you pick the right cores for your product, and they should be relatively experienced with their own product.

Paper (or cardboard) cores are an incredibly useful resource for many businesses looking to pack products around strong tubes. Make sure to find cores that have the proper length and strength for your product, as well as a supplier near you.