4 Tips For Improving The Process Of Hiring Construction Labor

Construction jobs require that you have a lot of skilled individuals in order to get the job done. Hiring the necessary workers in the construction industry can be challenging because you can't just hire anyone, you need to hire skilled workers who have the right training, background, and expertise. Hiring for the construction industry requires the right approach.

Tip #1: Offer Non-Union Workers Competitive Pay & Benefits

Before you start posting jobs and looking to hire, make sure that your payment schedule is in line with the rest of the industry. Many construction industry jobs are connected to unions. If you work with union employees, you will need to stick to their pay schedule.

If you have any non-union employees, you are going to want to take into consideration the union pay rate, as well as the open market rate for these construction jobs. In order to attract non-union employees, you may need to offer high pay rates than you offer to non-union employees, as non-union employees often don't get the same benefits package.

Or you can offer a similar benefits package on your own to any non-union construction employee you hire. Just make sure you are in compliance with any union rules that govern your ability to work with the unions in your area.

You may want to work with an employment layer on pay and benefits to go with your construction job postings, as pay and benefits are often not straightforward when you hire both union and non-union employees.

Tip #2: Offer a Construction Referral Program

In corporate America, referral programs, where you offer a bonus if they refer someone and that person stays with the company for a set amount of time, such as three months, are very popular. Referral programs are not used as much in the construction industry, but they should be and they can be a great tool for you to find qualified construction workers to fill your job openings.

You can use a special referral platform to let your employees know about the program. A referral platform will give each employee a unique link they can provide to someone who they think would be a good fit for your job. If you end up hiring that individual, and they stay for the required amount of time on the job, you can pay your own employees for their recruiting efforts.

Referral programs are great because your employees understand not just the job that needs to be done, but the culture of your business. They can help to refer to construction workers will be a great long-term fit for your company.

Tip #3: Consider Offering Certified Construction Apprenticeships

Finally, for entry-level jobs, consider offering apprenticeships. Construction is one of the few industries where formal apprenticeship opportunities already exist; you just need to allow them in your workplace.

Apprenticeships are popular in Europe and are growing in popularity in the United States as well. Apprenticeships are a great way to bring entry-level workers into your operation who may not have the training and skills yet, but who can gain those skills under the tutorial advice of someone with more experience.

An apprenticeship is a great way to help take unskilled labor who has the traits you need in an employee and turn them into great long-term employees.

Just make sure you work with a certified construction apprenticeship program in order to ensure the employees going through the apprenticeship programs will be covered by your insurance and will end the program with the certifications needed to advance in the construction field.

For example, you could partner with a local community college that offers welding classes as an apprentice partner, or you could do the same with a vocational school for electricians.

Tip #4: Work With a Construction Staffing Agency

You don't have to do all of this work on your own. Instead, you can work with a construction staffing agency. They will review your job descriptions, make sure you are offering competitive pay and benefits, and get the word out about the jobs your company has to offer. They will also screen potential employees and make sure they have the right job-specific certifications before hiring them.

If you need to hire in the construction industry, you need to first make sure you are offering competitive pay and benefits. This will help you attract the skilled labor you need for your construction business to thrive.

You should also consider offering certified apprenticeships as well, in order to take unskilled labor and turned them into skilled laborers who can help your company into the future. You can hire a construction hiring firm to help you find the right skilled employees your business needs to thrive. 

For more information on hiring construction jobs, reach out to a local contractor or staffing agency.