Why You Should Choose A Mezzanine Material Lift

What is a mezzanine material lift? 

A mezzanine material lift is an industrial-grade lift meant to transport goods from the ground level to a mezzanine level inside of a warehouse or factory. A mezzanine level is a partially open level above the ground floor and is often used for storage in warehouses. 

A Mezzanine Material Lift Versus a Forklift 

When you are transporting goods from one level to another, there are generally two options: a mezzanine material lift or a forklift. There are many differences between a forklift and a mezzanine lift. One of the major ones is that a forklift is portable and a mezzanine material lift is installed in a space and can't be moved. 

Another difference is how much weight can be transported. A forklift can heft around 3,000 lbs, but the heavier the load and the higher the load is lifted the more unstable a forklift becomes. A large mezzanine material lift, on the other hand, can lift as much as 200,000 lbs without becoming unstable. 

Safety is also an important consideration when comparing mezzanine material lifts with forklifts. Forklifts are more complicated to operate and require cooperation between multiple workers to load and maneuver. A mezzanine material lift is simple to control and can be operated by a single worker, which means that there are fewer things that could go wrong. Because a mezzanine lift stays in one place, the dangers of driving and steering are nonexistent. Goods can fall from a forklift and injure a worker, but, on a mezzanine lift, goods are enclosed, and there isn't a risk of them falling at all. Overall, a mezzanine lift is the safer option.

Efficiency and productivity should also be considered. A mezzanine lift is more efficient since it can lift much heavier loads and only requires one operator. A forklift can only lift relatively small loads at a time and requires more than one worker.

Features of a Mezzanine Material Lift

Easy operation: A mezzanine material lift is easy to operate and requires very little training. Most mezzanine material lift installers will provide an easy training on the features and safety considerations of the lift when it is installed so you will be ready to go. 

Customized installations: A mezzanine material lift is custom built to your space and for your needs. 

Load capacity: When you order a mezzanine material lift, the manufacturer will make sure you get the right lift for your job. You can be sure that you have the load capacity that you need to transfer your goods safely. 

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