Potentially Impress Renters With Illuminated Countertops

Income properties could deliver a path to wealth for diligent investors. A common idea behind real estate investing involves buying a distressed property at a low price and then renovating it. The new and improved property then becomes attractive to renters. The rental income delivers the investor a passive stream that slowly pays down the costs of purchasing and renovating. Conventional wisdom dictates the better the renovations are, the better the chance of investment success. So, when the time comes to upgrade the property's old kitchen and bathroom, consider installing illuminated countertops.

Illuminate What's Unique About a Property

Standard countertops are acceptable, but they can come off as somewhat mundane. Providing lovely countertops in a rental won't draw too much attention from would-be renters. After all, the countertops are supposed to be there. By adding illuminated countertops to the interior, people notice the unique nature of the space. Yes, illuminated countertops could present several benefits including:

  • Memorable Walk-Throughs: A potential renter usually visits more than one property. He/she wants the best one. After walking through several mundane properties, everything can blend together. You want people to remember your rental. The illuminated countertops might contribute to people keeping the property in mind. The special countertops won't be the one thing that sells them on the property, but they do make a property memorable. Remember, no one rents a property they forget about once they're out the door.
  • Higher Rent: People will pay for elegance. The high rental fees in upscale neighborhoods prove this notion. Location, however, is only one factor contributing to higher-than-average rent. Amenities, design, and decor do so as well. Illuminated countertops add stylish flair to the interior. These high-end countertops impress people who walk into a room. All these things could support a willingness to pay a little extra per month to live inside the property.
  • Excellent Marketing Visuals: Long before anyone drives to a rental house, they look over marketing material. Online promotional images and videos work well to captivate interest. Of course, the more visually appealing the imagery, the more captivating it becomes. The LED lights on illuminated countertops may deliver some "special effects" that can stick out in a renter's mind.

Another point worth mentioning here is rental property could eventually go up for sale. The presence of awesome illuminated countertops might help stimulate interest in buyers no differently than with renters. With this way of thinking, illuminated countertops could be well worth the investment.