Remodeling Your Store While Simultaneously Conducting Daily Business: How It's Done

Usually, when a store undergoes remodeling, it has to shut down. That is a profit loss for the store's owner, since no sales may be conducted during the remodeling. However, there are ways around that. When you own a small shop and the weather outside is reasonably nice, you can remodel and continue business as usual. Here is how. 

Rent Movable Chain-Link Fencing

Contractors use this type of fencing all the time. The posts are stuck firmly in pots of concrete and the chain link fencing attaches as usual. You can rent this kind of fencing or borrow it from the contractor who is in charge of your store's remodel. Then use the fencing to close off an area in your parking lot. Move most of your wheeled racks and shelving into this fenced area, and place a tarp or event tent over the top. Make sure you have a lockable gate on this makeshift outdoor store, and you are ready to go.

Find Portable Restrooms for Sale

Because your customers, yourself, your employees, and your remodeling crew are all going to need restroom facilities, look for portable restrooms you can buy or rent. Some of the nicest ones are restroom trailers, which do not look like much on the outside. On the inside, they look like deluxe restroom facilities. Make sure you have separate trailers or restrooms for men and women. These portable restrooms for sale or rent will remain on your parking lot for the duration of the store's remodel. 

Take Payments via a Mobile Device

You can keep a cash drawer, but it is much wiser to accept only card payments during the remodel. That way, no one can attempt to rob you while your "store" is out in the open as you will not have a register or a cash drawer or cash box on hand. There are numerous apps and plug-in devices you can get that will allow you to take and process card payments for all merchandise sold.

You can either use your smartphone or a tablet while your outdoor store is open for business. Better still, you can take the tablet home with you at the end of the night so that the tablet is not stolen during the night. You may have to come back at the end of each business day to collect the tablet from whichever employee is working and locking up the fence gate.