How To Improve The Taste Of Your Water Supply

Your water supply might be safe to drink, but this doesn't mean that you'll always enjoy the taste of the water. Contrary to what many people think, water isn't actually tasteless. It can have a wide range of tastes depending on the source and how it's treated.

Water may have various organic materials, dissolved solids, chemicals, and various other substances and all these can alter the taste of the water. The result may not be as pleasant as you'd like. However, there are ways that you can give your water back its pleasant taste.

Installing a Water Filter in Your Home

Impurities of one kind or another are one of the most common reasons why water may not taste as pleasant as you'd like. There are filters that you can use to remove various chemicals, suspended solids, and many other impurities. Filtration systems that use carbon filters or those that use reverse osmosis are quite good at improving the taste of water and also removing unpleasant odors.

The type of filter that you'll need for your home will depend on the kind of water you get in your system and the contaminants in it.

Boil the Water

Boiling water is a simple way of improving the taste of your water, but it's highly effective when certain contaminants cause the bad taste of your water. If the water has high levels of chlorine, boiling the water can remove some of this. Boiling water is also effective for softening water that is hardened by specific substances. However, boiling will not be effective against many other contaminants such as heavy metals.

Use a Water Softener

Instead of using energy to boil the water to make it less hard, you could instead install a water softener for your home. Water softeners are very effective at getting rid of the substances that cause water to become hard. These systems are more effective compared to using methods such as boiling.

The best way of achieving the results you want is to combine the softeners with water filters. This helps to get rid of contaminants plus the dissolved solids that make the water hard.

When it comes to softeners, the benefits are not just limited to the taste of water. The water will also be less likely to damage the plumbing in your home. No scale buildup inside your pipes may also mean less contamination of your water. For more information, contact a company like Olympic Springs Bottled Water.