Improving The Security Of Your Managed IT Services

One of the major concerns that a business might have when switching over to managed IT services is the ability to maintain their security. A lot of trust is placed in a managed IT service. Not only will they need to have their own infrastructure secured, but they can't do anything to compromise your own. Improve the security of your managed IT services through these best practices.

Find a Reputable Service 

How can you tell whether a managed IT service is reputable or not? Online reviews and customer testimonials are one of the best ways. If you see negative reviews for a company, you should explore the reasons why the negative reviews were left. Though no company can maintain only positive reviews, you need to make sure the positives can outweigh the negatives. 

Create a Data Backup and Encryption Strategy

What happens when your data is compromised? If your data is regularly encrypted (which your managed IT service can setup), even compromised data isn't going to be a significant issue. Threats such as ransomware can steal data, but they can't unencrypt that data without the password and key. If you keep data backups available, you can recover from nearly any vulnerability. 

Control Access to Important Data

Restricting access to your company's most important data will protect it even in the event that areas of your network are compromised. Ideally, your most important data should be behind several different layers of protection. 

Initiate a Mobile Device Management and IoT Policy

Mobile devices and Internet of Things devices are some of the most vulnerable points on your network. When you engage a managed IT service, you may be adding even more end-user points, as remote technicians are going to need to work with your organization. A mobile device management and IoT policy is going to protect you.

Have a Vulnerability Audit Completed

Finally, consider having an audit completed of your company's risks and vulnerabilities. A third-party audit will be able to identify potential gaps in your security. This includes gaps that either your team or your managed IT service may have missed. A yearly vulnerability audit will give you tips on how to improve the security of both your technology and your policies.

It's important to find a well-qualified, professional IT service. The better and more technologically-advanced the IT service is, the more likely they will be to protect your own organization's security.