Jobs In The Hospitality Field That You May Not Have Thought Of

Do you enjoy working with people? A job in the hospitality field could be perfect for you! There are many diverse options to consider when seeking employment in this industry, and many that you may have never considered before.

Some jobs that await you in the hospitality field include these career paths.

Adventure tourism guide. If you want a job that feels more like an adventure, you may consider jobs in the experiential tourism industry. Travel companies and businesses are often looking for guides to accompany groups to faraway locales, exciting excursions, or alluring adventures with their guests, clients, or patrons.

Casino host. If you enjoy being in the middle of the excitement, a casino host position could be well-suited to you. These highly-respected and responsible individuals typically oversee a casino, such as in a hotel or on a cruise ship. They engage with patrons while also maintaining a sense of decorum in this lively work environment.

Wine sommelier. A wine sommelier really knows their wine; these much-lauded professionals typically work in esteemed restaurants, hotels, or resorts, offering knowledge, recommendations, and samples of wine to guests. A true sommelier requires extensive education that could extend beyond a hospitality degree, often through culinary institutes and schools.

Resort concierge. It can be a real benefit for a concierge to live or have lived in the region where they work since these hospitality experts are expected to be so well-versed and familiar with the area. These professionals are often called-upon for restaurant, retail, commercial, and personal information that can improve or enhance a guest's overall experience.

Cannabis tour guide or budtender. As many states across the country are legalizing the use of cannabis, tourists are flocking to these regions to sample and imbibe legally. This opens up the opportunity to provide guided tours of cannabis-related businesses, accommodations, and retailers, as well as the coveted positions of budtenders in legal states. A budtender makes recommendations, provides insight, and guides the patron toward the best product to suit their distinct needs and preferences, usually in a dispensary environment.

Bartender or mixologist. There are often bartending jobs available to individuals with hospitality experience, but a mixologist may require additional training and education. A mixologist goes a step further than a bartender, by creating, concocting, and trying new cocktails and beverages, and many work directly with the patrons.

Consider these varied positions in the hospitality field and whether you are ready to make a career change. The hospitality field continues to grow and expand, offering anyone who enjoys working with people the chance for a rewarding and lucrative career. For more information, take a look at your local hospitality jobs board.