The Ultimate Guide When Selecting Office Chairs

In order to stay productive throughout the entire work day, you need the right office chair to sit in. This is particularly true if you work in an office setting, where you'll be sitting down throughout most of the day. Choosing the perfect office chair will be a breeze when you consider this helpful guide.


Before you start looking into office chair specifics, you first need to select the right size. Otherwise, your body won't quite fit correctly and you'll be uncomfortable throughout the entire work day.

Although you can choose between standard sizes online, probably the best way to ensure a proper fit is to actually sit in office chairs in person. You'll be able to sit upright with both feet touching the ground. Ideally, the top of the chair needs to come up to at least your neck. This way, your back will be fully supported. Keep sitting in chairs until you find the proper fit. 


The comfort of your office chair is largely dependent on the fabric that it's made of. There are many great fabric options for office chairs today, such as breathable mesh. It feels great against the skin, and thanks to its breathable design, air can easily flow through. You therefore won't have to worry about a sweaty back at any point.

If you're focused more on aesthetics as opposed to comfort, leather is hard to beat. It brings sophistication to your office and comes in so many different colors. Just make sure your office is not prone to getting hot, as excessive heat will cause leather to stick against your skin.


There are primarily two choices you can select from in regards to an office chair's mobility: rolling and stationary. Rolling chairs are advantageous because they feature swivel casters on the bottom, enabling you to move in any direction effortlessly. They are ideal if you plan on moving around your office a lot for various activities. 

Conversely, stationary chairs do not have wheels on the bottom. Rather, they have pegs or legs that keep you stable the entire time. Typically, these chairs will be more affordable and will work better if your work environment isn't that big. 

When it comes to staying comfortable throughout the work day, you need the right office chair. Selecting one doesn't have to be a stressful process if you assess features that will impact your daily functions the most. 

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